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Back-End Web Development

Web back-end development involves building the server-side logic and infrastructure that powers a website or web application. Unlike front-end development, which focuses on the user interface and user experience, back-end development deals with the behind-the-scenes functionalities that enable the application to function, process data, and interact with databases.

About the course

Embark on a transformative journey into Back-End Web Development with our comprehensive training program. Unlock the secrets of server-side scripting, database management, and API integration to build robust web applications. Engage in hands-on projects, receive expert guidance, and join a collaborative learning community. Propel your coding skills and career forward at an affordable price of ₦120,000 Naira. Seize the opportunity to master the backend – apply now for a dynamic Back-End Web Development Training!

Key Features:

  1. Core Back-End Skills: Master server-side scripting, database design, and seamless API integration.
  2. Practical Application: Work on real-world projects, building scalable back-end systems for web applications.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technologies: Explore the latest frameworks and technologies shaping the back-end development landscape.
  4. Expert Instruction: Learn from industry-experienced instructors providing insights into current trends and best practices.
  5. Career Support: Access comprehensive services, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.
  6. Collaborative Community: Engage with a vibrant community, collaborate on projects, and connect with like-minded learners.

Secure your place in the world of back-end web development at an unbeatable price of ₦120,000. Enroll now for the Back-End Web Development Training and chart your course towards becoming a skilled and sought-after developer!